Facts About Mona Lisa

Ever since the renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci unveiled what he considered his best work yet, there have been many that sought answers as to what the painting stood for. There is very little doubt that it is the most famous painting in the world.

The original dimensions of the painting are 30×21 inches, and many believe that the painting was commission by Francesco Del Giocondo to paint his wife, Lisa Gherardini in Italy.

Although he worked on the painting from the beginning in Italy, it was only during his days in France that he completed the painting. Some believe da Vinci completed the painting in the year 1517. King Francis I of France acquired the painting after which the painting became French property.

Here are some other facts about the famous painting.

People have speculated the reason for missing eyebrows and eyelashes. Some say they were lost during restoration by accident and others believe it to be an indicator of how da Vinci sought-after perfection. In his pursuit of perfection, the painting was never truly completed as he always brought in small little tweaks over the years. Plucking both the eyebrow and eyelash was a common phenomenon at the time of creation of the painting.

The identity of the woman in the picture has also been a source of debate as some believe it to be Lisa Gherardini and others believe it to be a self-portrait. Lisa Gherardini was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo. She was 24 years old at the time, and the couple had two sons.

Vincenzo Perugia was an Italian patriot who firmly believed that the painting belonged to Italy and not France. Since he was an employee at the Louvre, in 1911, Perugia stole the painting. The Mona Lisa was in an apartment building for two years. Police believed that Pablo Picasso was a suspect and because of this, he was jailed as well as questioned before Perugia’s identity was spread after his attempt to sell the Mona Lisa to an art gallery in Italy. This led to his arrest in the year 1913.

Since the painting is priceless, the Mona Lisa cannot be insured and is secured in a room that has a climate of its own in the Louvre, Paris. It is also located inside a bullet proof glass. The whole room is said to have cost around $7.5 million.

Happy, angry, and disgusted are only a few emotions that Mona Lisa’s smile has been associated with since no one can say for sure what it indeed is.

Post Author: Sean Martinez